biodegradable straws

Ecograde Straws Our individually wrapped eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable drinking straws look, feel and work like high quality plastic straws

Made from a new class of patented, degradable resins from GXT Green.


Eco-safe, biodegradable and far better than paper, plastic or PLA

Fully biodegradable straws made from green and eco-friendly biodegradable resins.

Ecograde straws degrade in any environment outside or buried in a landfill.

The engineered bioplastic resins are made from bagasse and mineral salts which are all natural, fully biodegradable and recyclable. 

Ecograde straws photodegrade and biodegrade. No composting required. All that remains once degraded are organic minerals and salts. No microplastics.

Suitable for cold and hot use up to 150° C

Ecograde bioplastic resins are an ecosafe alternative, replace petroleum-based plastic products

Ecograde products degrade completely into organic materials and mineral salts, returning safely to the environment, without a trace of harmful microplastics.

Ecograde is proven to improve soil quality when it returns to the earth.

Compare Ecograde with petroleum-based "faux-biodegradable" plastics.  Aware of the environmental damage, government pressure and public push to eliminate plastic pollution, misguided manufacturers inject additives - such as Oxo - into their normal plastic production process. The additives hasten the break-up of the plastic into smaller pieces, but not the breakdown. The small and micro plastics that result from additives are not biodegradable nor are they biodegraded.  The resulting microplastics are very harmful to the soil, water, animals and humans - even more than regular plastic, which may be retrieved, recycled or incinerated.

Compare Ecograde also with products made with PLA (polylactic acid), which require commercial composting facilities to biodegrade. Unless a PLA-based product is transported to a composting site, which has controlled heat and pressure, it will take hundreds of years to degrade, just like petroleum-based plastic. 

Ecograde resins are a new class of materials on the cutting edge of petroleum-replacement technology and are a patented evolution of organic polymers, which were discovered over 40 years ago. Ecograde is an engineered, revolutionary, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to plastic pollution.

Ecograde products degrade completely and do not need special composting sites to decompose into organic material and mineral salts. Degraded Ecograde leaves no microplastic.

Ecograde. Fully Degradable. Completely Recyclable. A technological marvel. Naturally.



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